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food @ Palakkad

   Malabar comprise of seven districts of North Kerala & is generally known as ‘food court’ of Kerala. PALAKKAD is part of Malabar & this is the gate way of Kerala. Legends are born here & it is the land of palms & Bullock cart race. With its perfect blend of Fish, Meat, Poultry & Veg menus, Palakkad serves best for foodies. Apart from various restaurants & international fast-food chains, Palakkad’s features includes current trend of many small outlets for Rawther style Dum Biryani, Banana chips, Kalaan,Tahttukada, , kuluku soda sarbath, Masala soda etc. Point to note; especially in Chittur Taluk area you will get fine Toddy, from Palm or coconut with side dish ranging from fish, frog or even some alien stuffs to fill your belly from toddy shops. This is a blog where you can find details about restaurants, local food joints & snacking points of Palakkad who have proved their testimony. We Malabari’s are inspired by famous saying ‘One must fill not only Belly, but heart too while giving food’. The listed  eateries are more or less close to Heart & Local. Comments & Suggestions are invited.

This blog have no space for those who use JUNK terms like, gastronomic, gourmet cuisine etc etc. Above all I don't have any intention to promote any restaurant or individual. 

Big fish 

Listed here are hotels & restaurants at Palakkad. Fish maniacs, your exclusive spots are in BLUE colour.I think Kerala's official food 'Porota & Beef'  dose not require special mention


Hotel Noorjehan
GB Road/Fortmaidan/stadium
This Non Veg restaurant is closely associated with all people of Palakkad, whether it’s a Bet, a Deal or Outing, food from Noorjehan has been in first choice for the people for decades. They  maintains their taste & quality.Specialty is CHICKEN BIRIYANI, Fish Biryani & other NV items. Three branches they have & are similar in taste, fort maiden outlet have cozy atmosphere.
Food fort
The food fort at Joby’s mall (FYI this is not a multi brand outlet as in Malls) is one of my personal suggestion & best place for all types of food, weather it is Kerala, Arabic or Chinese cuisines. To add, the restaurant has a posh atmosphere, best in class service & open kitchen. Price wise also they are too good, when comparing their ambience & quality
Royal treat
College Road Palakkad
This Non Veg restaurant is famous for Meals & Evening Tandoor Items, to mention their chicken Tikka. This hotel has carved a good customer base for themselves. If you are heading towards railway station or towards Calicut, then this would be apt stopover to fuel up.
Hotel Malbar
Kanjikode-NH47/Near stadium- Palakkad
The Best Chiken Mandhi spot it is,serverd in authentic plates...,If you wish to fill your belly from outskirts of city or if you are on the way to - fro in NH 47,do not hesitate to try this restaurant. It has wide range of Kerala, Arabic, tandoor & Chinese menu to offer you My suggestion here is Biryani, fish, Beef, Kerala Porata, Grilled & Al fam chicken. I would suggest Palakkad branch in the evening for Arabic cuisines.They have recently opened a branch at Kollegnkode.

Open Grill by Noor Jehan
       Stadium Bye Pass
This is a premium  restaurant by Noorjehan, with wide range of  Arabic Grill menu.Posh interiors & high class service is major hi lite .They also serve  Chinese &  Kerala dishes.
My personal suggestion: If you are ordering only Biriyani from here, better choose their old restaurants. Why should you throw extra Fifty Bugs just for the service by Good looking Girls & a very small glass of welcome drink..

Ashok Bhavan
Age old & Perfect spot for those who are in look out for Chutney, Sambar, and Dosa varieties.You can have a try at their sweets & savories section also. Major setback is zero parking facility.
TNVR cafe,now Kapilavastu
Market road
This Veg restaurant have a great tradition & heritage of decades,it has been now taken over  by kapilavasthu hotels. They are famous for Ghee rost, Masal Dosa, Kichadi etc. Sweets & savories section also attached to this hotel
Nalandha Hotel
Near post office/Near Fort Maidan
Hotel Nalandha has rich heritage of Decades and their specialty is  Veg & Non Veg meals. I will suggest only meals which are traditionally served in Banana Leaves   

Head post office
Crowd pulling hotel it is. They have three category of NON VEG restaurants (differs only in price, not on taste).They do not have a uniqueness. I will suggest soup varieties, Chinese & chicken Tikka from here.

Davood Ikkas Hotel/ Meen Kada
‘Yakara’- Palakkad
Situated 3 km away from city center, davood Ikkas (Late) Home cum Hotel is popularly known as ‘Yakara meen kada’ .This is one among the famous hotel in Kerala exclusively for FISH VARIETY. You name any fish, from prawns to Lobster or from Sea to Fresh water it will be available fried in coconut oil for you.You can accompany rice (yes only rice is available). 100% taste & quality guaranteed here, but you have to keep a bulge Valet & patience to get a seat at peak hours. Timings 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm. You can have fish parcel till 7pm if you inform in advance.


                           Hotel Menma
Near Bigbazar School -Palakkad(Market)
This small hotel is popularly known as budget hotel for fish variety & is run by Badrudheen and his son. You can get around 8-10 varieties of fish every day. Apart from this you can have either Rice, Biryani or Ghee rice ( on Friday) as main course. This is ideal place for those fish maniac who wish to consume more & spend less.You can choose your seats from old classic restaurant or at extended Posh & AC facility with parking facility. On average one fish item and meals here range from INR 120-150.Time 12.30pm -10.30pm.
Live Fish Caffe
This is a hygienic fish supermarket & Live fish food stall,  suitable for takeaway of various fishes for cooking & to eat . Various Fish Dishes ,Fish Biriyani,Fish Curry meals etc are available  in their Cafe located First floor,ground floor only for selling Fish & take away Fish food items.

Other fish specialty hotels
'Hi tech thattukada' is  new entrant in sea food segment is at Mercy college junction. More than 10 varieties of Fish, either FRY,Polichathu or Curry is their specialty.Time 12.30 pm to 11 pm 

If you wish to have Fish fry & meals for rock bottom budget, visit Azi Ikka’s hotel behind Civil station( last hotel from fire station side). There will be three varieties. Taste & hygienic there it is, but the hotel interior is not appealing. Have to adjust ,but attraction is that  if you  have three fish fry & a meals it will cost INR 100 or less.

You can visit small hut hotel near HDFC chandrangar ( close to Bridge).Meals and 2-3 varieties of Fish is the specialty here.
Arabian Fried Chicken -Meparambu
These  hotel serve tasty & quality Arabian dishes like, Manthi, Majboos, Shavai, Shavarma from 12pm. They also serve Biriyani items  tandoor & BBQ. Best & Value for money here it is.
NMR & Usthad biryani
Near DCC office
These hotels specializes in Chicken, mutton, beef & plain DUM BRIYANI (Rawther style separately cooked). They serve only Biryani & side dishes. These two hotels set a trend among Dum Biryani lovers. They are clean & hygienic. Waiting required for seats at noon. Hotel is open from 12pm- 8.30 pm. There are several such  of biryani points in town. MHR near Toll booth, BOc road  is also worth mentioning
 Pathe Pathu-10/10
This hotel can be described as Higher end Thattukada.10 years they are into small shop,now renovated to a large n cozy setup,serving hot hot Dosa, Porota,Idiyapam,Ghee rice etc. You can order Chicken dry fry or Beef Masala here. Everything is classic over here though this is a small hotel with few seating.Take away highly recommended for families.
Indian Coffe House

List will not be complete without mentioning Indian Coffee House.Keralites doesn’t require any introduction on this Govt Undertaking Hotel. Ideal place for brisk food in budget.It's located Opp-KSRTC & Opp MES School ,Olavakode

Hotel Gulf

This hotel is open 24/7,its very neat & serves good food.Specialty is that you will get meals till 11 pm or fresh appam, porrota, chappathi etc round the clock.This hotel is really a boon at wee hours.

New Entrants

 Flavors (Stadium bye pass) is a Multi cuisine restaurant with BBQ specialties,white classic building & ambiance is the special hi lite . Rice Bowl ( NH-47 Walayar ) is a Hi end continental restaurant with exclusive menu & great ambiance. Kadal ( Calicut Bye Pass ) is also a multi cuisine with fish varieties, Hotel Saudi ( Meparambu) is an Arabic & Malbari cuisine restaurant. All these have forayed in 2015-16. Not time up give a special mention or review now.

The list won’t be full if I dint mention New Prakash at Kalmandapam, they are open late night, & many people have special attachment here.If you are on a visit to malapuzha gardens, don miss 'Amizon' resturatnt Near Fantasy park, small but neat cute n tasty restaurant it is with all varieties. 
Many people are regular at Thripthy Mess, Opp Priyadhrsni theater, they serves Veg meals with Ponni rice. If you are found of 'soft n tasty ' aapam' just step in to the nameless teashop opp to SBI ATM near Akshaya Jewelery. B'Mart Bake  & restaurant at chittur is worth mentioning for Arabic & Malabari dishes
Last to mention,there are lot of Bar n Restaurants available in Palakkad.

Please Note: You will get all types of non-veg foods at every nook n corner if you head north west of the district,ie. Manarkkad,Ottapalam,Patambi areas. 

Special mentions

Magic Oven-Palakkad
Your trip in Palakkad should not end up without tasting & packing Pastries from Magic oven Palakkad.I will definitely say this is the best cake shop in Kerala. Varieties are picked personally by the owner travelling across the globe. Apart from Pastries they have lot of signature items that you can try.apart from old outlet near Dist Hospital,they have opend huge cozy shop near stadium.They have a branch at Coimbatore.
If you really want tasty Banana chips, definitely you have to head south 22 km to Alathur Town. The S.N.R chips (Alathur chips) was started by Sahul Hameed in 1947 .The tradition was taken forward by his successors. The chips are bit costly when comparing to others, but worth buying because of SNR’s uniqueness. The secret behind the taste of SNR is the processing before it’s been fried.
Top Notch bakers-Palakkad
If you are on hurry & on last minute packing for various bakery stuffs, definitely you can really upon Topnotch Bakery, Taste & Quality guaranteed. This decades old baker have multiple branch in the city and other parts of districts .They have products from their own Owen & from worthy outside vendors. I will suggest chicken Puffs & rolls from here.
Sindu Coolbar-Palakkad
Sindhu cool bar is Just op to Magic Owen and next to Top notch. The uniqueness of Sindhu cool bar is ‘Grape Juice’. You cannot have this juice in straw, you have to sip and chew the whole grapes which are in the juice. This is self-service outlet. I should mention their humanitarian approach, many of their staffs are Deaf & Dump.
Ramsey Idly:Pudusery-Elapully
Earlier this famous & unique dish was made by a few families of Ramassery, a rural village 8km away from Palakkad town. Now few families outside that village also preparing it. The shape of this idly is like that of Dosa. The making of this idli is by specially-designed earthenware & can be kept fresh for a week.

Kudumbasree Hotels & Snack centers

Kudumbasree ,Women's self help group runs hotels & snack centers at various palces. Homely food & low price is the hilite. I would like to mention 'Chukkukappi & Pokavada ' centers at Fort maidan & civil station.they are running a hotel near Satdium

Kanapa anans Idly-Vandithavalam
This 50 year old hotel is really worth mentioning for soft spongy Idlis & Tea using higher end Tea powder. You will get two unique chutneys to accompany with idly. They are located opp KKMHSS, 22 km from Palakkad town, towards Pollachi ( Via menakshipuram).They sell thousands of Idly every day. You will get only idly & Tea from here 5.30am -7.30pm.You can also have a ‘Goli’soda sarbath’ from shop just opposite or buy various fresh chips from A-one bakery diagonally opposite to them
 Kuluku soda
You can have unique & Inovative   Kuluku soda from Petty shop run by 'Kamar Atha' near Manapulikavu NH 47. It is at right side when we proceed to chittur. Words cannot express the taste of this drink,it has to be experienced.Two variants are available, with & with out chilly.
Masala Soda & Kalan
There are many vendors selling masala soda, but I will recommend you one at market near Police station,'Chinnu Masala soda'. They are pioneers in this. You can experience sizzling drink constituting soda, Buttermilk, Ginger & other herbs.Realy this helps for digestion.
If you are looking for present popular street food, Kalaan (made of mushrrom & cauliflower) no doubt you can visit the one near 'Kalmandapam Bridge' 5pm-10pm.The crowd in front of his stall justifies the taste.
Modern A/C Toddy Shop
Those who are found of sipping cool toddy in cozy atmosphere, you are welcome to Modern ac toddy shops with multi cuisine restaurants opened at Thaneerpandhal,5 km from palakkad town,fish curry meals is awesome over here & at Mundoor 12 km from palakkad.
Muruku/Kondatam/Mixer/Ela ada
Palakkad is famous for chips, Muruku, Konatam Mixers & other rosters. Karipode area near kollongode is hub for Muruku. Their products are available in almost all stores in town & out skirts.I would like to make special mention on KSP Iyer mixer if you opt for Mixer. With more than 90 agraharas in the district ‘kondatam’s’ from various places are available in stores.If you vist Kalpathy agraharam,you can see a shop run by three brothers ,serving special Ela Ada,

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